Bette's Plays

I have written over 25 stage plays and many of them have won competitions in Festivals, while all have been produced in one space or the other. One, a play about three generations of Aboriginal women, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LAKE,  was a winner of the Patrick White Playwright's Award in Sydney, Australia. This play was also given a public reading at The Warehouse in Croydon, UK. Another, SOFT MURDER was short listed for the Queensland, Australia, Premier's Award. MAny are short plays but several are longer than one hour in playing time. Some have a cast of two while others have many characters and some include new music. Most are easy to produce, having simple setttings.
None are published in mainstream literature but I may publish them in a book during 2017.
Any one interested can contact me. The usual royalties apply for performance.I look forward to your enquiry. Bette

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  1. Just a short note at present to let you know that I have written over two dozen stage plays that are from ten minutes in length to over 90 minutes. Most have been performed and many have won competitions. My best was a winner in the Patrick White Playwrights Award.All have both a hint of comedy and a touch of tragedy in them, so they make you laugh and think. Many are satiric comments on society. Any theatre company wanting more information please to contact me.